Real Time Tracking Visibility Platform

Atos RTTVP, which stands for Real Time Tracking Visibility Platform – is a solution that enables real-time monitoring and tracking of multimodal logistics chains, all the way from the sender to the end customer. Our solution provides digital capability that can be integrated to all partners in the logistics chain. A custom view can be tailored for the goods owner, involving all parties in the transport chain, such as rail operators, road hauliers, port operators and shipping companies.

– to directly benefit your business.


The benefits of real-time tracking offer you clear business advantages


The logistics chain starts with a shipping order and the initiation of tracking for the customer


Our solutions help create a wide range of thorough reports based on the KPIs you have agreed on with your customer. The solution also helps to manage any deviations in the invoices of a logistics provider.


Your business benefits from adopting Atos RTTVP:


Happier customers, thanks to an easy overview of the status of orders and consignments

Automated management and reporting of events in the logistics chain

Automated invoice accuracy verification frees up your resources for actual customer service

More transparent logistics chain enables accurate scheduling and booking of correct transport capacity

More transparent logistics opens new business opportunities, such as faster deliveries


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