Atos Transport

Atos Transport is a modular and cloud-based transportation management system (TMS) that helps you find the best solutions for steering your material flows.


This set of flexible and scalable solutions enables shippers, logistics providers and transportation companies to control their logistics operations and make them more efficient with the help of greener logistics. The benefits are created by means of dynamic route planning and real-time tracking.


Complete overview of the entire chain of transportation and logistics


The business benefits you gain with Atos Transport solutions include higher efficiency rates, cost-effectiveness and transparency of logistics.


Using digital solutions towards cost efficiency


Atos Transport is based on the principle of real-time operations and covers all the core logistics needs: ordering, planning, optimising, execution, tracking and analytics.

The digital Atos Transport system will boost your business and benefit your customers with the following applications and solutions:


Real-time transportation tracking

Application for road carriers (loaded, unloaded)

Real-time tracking and tracing of consignments

Application for tracking consignments

Tool for planning shifts

User verification requests

Application for managing users and the organisation

Application for uploading/downloading to the cloud

Application for instant messaging and meetings


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