Atos City

Atos City is a digital tool for streamlining passenger and light freight operations and providing modern customer service. The benefits of our cloud-based solution extend to many levels: booking, route planning, customer management, feedback processing, reporting and billing.

The professional execution and practical use of digital solutions play a key role in the development of passenger traffic, service traffic, charter traffic and small goods deliveries. With the help of our solution information management, the efficiency of the operations and the customer experience are taken to a new level.


Complete solution for managing passenger and small goods transport


The digital Atos City solutions will bring a substantial overall boost to your business. Atos City integrates all the core elements of the transport business in a single digital tool.


We offer tools and applications:


Transport order planning and real-time tracking
Transport order management and customer data maintenance
Accessible mobile app for shipping orders (iOS and Android)
Accessible web portal for shipping orders
Drivers app to place transport orders (iOS and Android)
For transport orders, see the handling of customer feedback and complaints
Fleet management, reporting and data management
Comprehensive and real-time reporting


Contact us for more information, we are happy to tell you how Atos City will boost your business!